Super Cosplay War Ultra

Genkai Toppa

Fun battles between manga characters



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The concept behind this game is similar to classics like Street Fighter: two fighters compete to see who is the best, using all kinds of weapons and strategies.

However, Super Cosplay War Ultra (SCWU) is not just a simple fighting game, since all of the characters are cosplayers dressed as characters from popular Japanese series (mostly manga).

Each character has their own fighting style, although all have the ability to produce small, fun sequences during the battle thanks to the transformations that they can perform.

The program allows games between two players fighting one another, or against two characters randomly selected by the computer.

The game was developed in Japanese, but the majority of the in-game options are in English. You may want to change the configuration of the controls, since the default configuration may be confusing at the beginning.

Immerse yourself in the world of manga with a game that is both exceptional and totally free!

Once you've downloaded the game, in order to install it you'll need the following password:

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